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Easy Pay - a quick, convenient and secure way for your Patients to ask questions, review and pay their bills 24/7 from the comfort of their own home.

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ACH Solutions - The Fastest, Easiest Way for your Customers to Pay Their Bill Online by Check
An easy, affordable and highly customizable solution for enabling consumer initiated ACH payments on your website, reducing the time of receiving paper checks by up to 16 business days at significantly reduced fees over that of current lockbox fees with zero startup costs.

What is it?
ACH processing is used by business, individuals, and financial organizations to increase the efficiency of cash management plus it offers lower cost per transaction compared to other forms of electronic payment. It is both an efficient and highly reliable network operated by the Federal Reserve Banking System which provides the safe transfer of funds to and from a checking or savings account.

How can we Help?
Our easy to integrate ACH Solution give you the ability to accept online checks for payment of goods and services at a significantly reduced fee over that of a Lockbox fee. We can easily host and process all online check payments made by your customers. We are experts at increasing the adoption rate on online check payments by up to 35% through our unique integration and ACH processing.

How does it work?
Brennan & Pike has a successful partnership with one of nation's leading financial institutions to enable ACH payment processing. Our secure payment portals can easily be integrated into any customer's website or by creating links to our payment interface which are both hosted on our secure servers. We charge a flat fee per transaction which decreases with larger volume. There are no additional or upfront costs to begin adding the value that Online ACH payments can bring you.

Why ACH Processing
There has been substantial growth in the adoption of ACH processing during the past 10 years. Payments can conveniently be received 24/7 online and without any fees assessed to the customer. It is simple to implement and will quickly add to your bottom line. For your customers, ACH payments are 100% secure and safe. Funds are withdrawn directly from their account and there are no lengthy delays for check clearance.


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"Payments by ACH increased at the highest rate year over year compared to that over credit card payments. "

The annual number of check paid in 2006 is estimated to have been 30.6 billion.*

ACH payments totaled $31.0 trillion dollars in 2006, accounting for 90.8 percent of the value of all electronic payments.*
2007 Federal Reserve Payments Study*

Benefits to Business
  • Increased Revenue
  • Accelerates the Payment Process
  • Faster Recognized Receivables
  • Reduces Billing Cost (Postage, Envelopes, and Notices)
  • E-Cashiering (Automated Payment Processing)
  • Enhances Customer Loyalty
  • Gives Business a Progressive Image
  • Ecological-less paper waste
Benefits to Customer
  • Convenient, Easy, and Access 24/7
  • Private and Secure
  • Enhances Customer Service
  • Free Service
  • Pay From Work, Home, or Vacation
  • Eliminates Late Payment Worries
  • Increased Confidentiality (No Check Handling)
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Cost Savings (an average of $100 per year in postage and $30 in check costs and fees)

ACH Solutions was designed to be Secure, Simple to Use, Interactive with your Customers, and seamless with your Website. And best of all, ACH Solutions is affordable. There are no start up costs, equipment to purchase, and the lowest transaction fees in the industry. ACH Solutions by Brennan & Pike is the most economical way of processing any online payment.

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